Monday, December 18, 2006

Are you ready for 2007???

The holidays are here!! (Still time to order goodies if you hurry!! Check these out for hard to buy for folks. )

2007 is going to be an OUTSTANDING year to be in business on the Internet!! We have some great new things to help you promote your opportunities to the FULLEST! Every program or product out there can be marketed to a niche audience, sometime even more that one. I'll give two examples: the first is Ethos-4, or any of the other Gas Additive programs. Marketing can be geared to those who want to save money, or directed to Environmentalists.

Health product programs, or programs that offer a combination of Health Supplements, Cleaning Products or Health and Beauty products. A separate campaign can be done to appeal individually to people with interest in Supplements, Beauty aids, or great cleaning products.

There are a lot of ways to do this, one of which is creating Sales Pages for each product or aspect of a product and driving traffic to it. The more Sales Pages you have out there, the better your rankings and traffic will DO have to send traffic to the Sales Pages you create.

I have found a great tool for doing this, it's called I told you about it at the end of November. It isn't an affiliate site so I am not making money by recommending it, but it has some great features.

The rage on the net right now is "Splash Page 2" which is okay, but to really make on line sales in a Niche Market, you need optimized sales pages, yes you can add script from an auto responder and collect leads, but you need the next page to be your primary website. The Goal is to get people to the site where you make your money. also offers a hosting service for an additional $10 a month. The web analytics package that comes with it is phenomenal! You can see where EVERY click comes through.
The pages you make can be optimized by you, and even monetized with AdSense or whatever publisher program you use. I even have one with BetterTextAds on it.

Have a look: (on my server)

I hope any of you that are serious about your products or programs will give it a shot!

You need a real domain name as well-GoDaddy has the best administration for domain names on line-at least I think they are.

PPC campaigns are a great way to get traffic to your new sites, but also can be extremely expensive. You can send traffic your self through writing articles, press releases, purchasing traffic, classified ad posts, and others. So do your businesses a favor and TARGET your audiences for better results. Targeted niche sites will become more important as Google changes it's algorithm yet again to give higher rankings to micro-sub niches... and can help you do JUST THAT!

Another GREAT addition to help you cater to your niche is Build a Niche Store . The scripts allow you to be an e-Bay affiliate for any number of things, pick one that matches the niche you market now. Make More MONEY!!! CreatSalesPages to your Niche Store and Primary business, a combination you just CANNOT beat!!!

For any of you that don't post in forums, well, you SHOULD!!! At Conquer Your Niche Forum there are a lot of helpful people involved so you can learn and you earn advertising credits for your own sites. My friend and excellent marketer, Russell Brunson developed it and it's a great way to motivate people to get involved. AND forums are one of the BEST ways to generate back links for your sites. (Want help with keeping up with your forum posts??-visit me, I have the answer!)

If any of you would like a copy of "Think Niche and Grow Rich" send me an email ( Think Niche in the subject) and I'll send you one free. (But you might have to accept a subscription to my Guruette Gazette Newsletter!!)

Have a GREAT day and God Bless YOU!
Your Guru-ette On The Net
Marianne McEachern
Success Consultant

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Time to Reap HOLIDAY Dollars

It's time to get your Holiday Gift items out on the net!! Monday was supposedly "Black Monday" for Internet Marketers, however last year the heaviest buying on line occurred in the middle of December so we have time.

I have found an outstanding tool to help generate back links, and promote my products. The days of sales pages with a bunch of banners are pretty much gone for anything other than Traffic Exchanges. Some relevant info (content), the ability to OPTIMIZE and MONETIZE is the way to go to get your sales page what it needs to climb the ranks, link back to your regular site, AND make money for you while doing it AND send traffic and add to the rankings of your primary site all at the same time. is the perfect tool for accomplishing just that!! leaves no footprint and is designed to provide a marketing vehicle that will direct targeted traffic to your websites. Now if you own your own website or an affiliate site, you can take each and every feature and benefit of your program/product/service and direct traffic to your sites using targeted sales pages. You can effectively complete one in 10 minutes and get them out on the net generating income for you.

I would also like to recommend a great book, The Richest Man in the WORLD" by Steven F. Scott. You can learn more about it at It has incredible insights and a great system for setting and accomplishing your goals. Find out what HOPE really means!! It would be an excellent gift for ANYONE on your list!!
Have a GREAT day, God bless you.

Your Guruette On The Net,
Marianne McEachern

Monday, October 23, 2006

WOW...Great things coming!!!

All I can say is WOW! New things coming...and WOW. I was BLESSED to spend last week in Las Vegas with our resident GENIUS and OWNER at iPowerDirect. I got to work on some of what we have coming up-and let me tell you...if you aren't here you are MISSING OUT! The iPowerDirect family of sites will be the ABSOLUTE, most INCREDIBLE pathway to YOUR success.

We have always strived to provide what it takes, but this will be awesome. Over deliver is putting it mildly for what we offer in our memberships. Our owner, Dr. Jay, is generous to a fault! He gives so much that some are just plain overwhelmed! Why is it that people get turned off by too much and don't just use what they want or need? It's truly something I don't understand! Our VALUE is beyond compare.

Our blogs are doing really well-take a look at two of them just done by one of our members:
Aren't they incredible?? Are you taking advantage of blogging for your own opportunities?? If not we would love to help you!!

Join us on our weekly tele-training and tele-forum. Be Enlightened!! When you stop learning-you are dead! So come and enjoy! You can find the info on our page under "Call Box".

Have an OUTSTANDING day, and be BLESSED!
Your Guruette On The Net,

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Predator and Guruette are LIVE!!!

PAWS...Predator Automated Wealth System...totally AWESOME!

The site is still evolving, and Al Turnquist is finding ways to add even MORE Value to the program. This one will really be exciting!! I encourage you to REALLY take a close look. I have loved this company from the start. The training provided is excellent, even if you chose to not resell it or work the system. It can help you in your JOB, and life in general.

In my last post I was still working on my own site. IT's on the Net!!! Guruette On The Net also showcases the Predator on the "CASH COW" page. Be sure to check it out!!

Let me ask you this, Do you think the ART OF READING is dead??? I don't beleive people on the Net REALLY read anything anymore. It is discouraging to publish a web site-or even a blog and know what you put into it, and then not even really have anyone READ it!! Post your comments here-IS READING A LOST ART??

Have an outstanding week, God bless you!

Your Guruette On The Net

Marianne McEachern

Success Consultant

Saturday, September 09, 2006

New and EXCITING projects!!

The release of the PREDATOR...Automated Wealth System has been incredible!! I have long been a fan of Al Tournquist's training, it helps you in jobs, life in general and in business. The evolution of Mentors on a Mission to this fully automated marketing system really puts the ball in my court! I am ecstatic!! Watch the movie, check out the site-it's INCREDIBLE!!!!

Review the web site here!!

It still includes all of that fabulous training and MORE!!

I am also working on my new Guru-ette on the Net website and will be releasing it shortly!! It is a fun project, and yes, will be "home made" which is probably a mistake as professionally done web sites make for better viewing, but this gives me total CONTROL over content and ads.

Another new entry on the web, Search Big Daddy, is making waves. You can sign up for FREE-and I encourage you to do so. It's popularity is growing, the ALEXA ratings are going up, up, up. It makes it an excellent place to be seen and get experience with Pay-Per-Click advertising without the big price tag!! You get your own Search Portal, FREE Keyword TOP POSITION, and $50 for your PPC campaigns. You can search on your own portal to get more PPC dollars, refer others for more PPC dollars, and upgrade for some INCREDIBLE benefits!! But at the VERY LEAST get your FREE ACCOUNT NOW!!!

Great things are happening at iPowerDirect also!! We have secured the ability to provide a FREE PRO AUTORESPONDER for our members without any price increase!! That makes us the MOST COMPLETE Marketing Package on line!! Our provider is also offering GREAT SPECIALS to our members, like upgrades at excellent one time only payments! A great autoresponder for a low one time payment-no monthly fees-that is AWESOME!! Let us SAVE YOU MONEY on your marketing needs-we provide incredible resources, training, LEADS and now an AUTORESPONDER all for one low monthly subscription. Bring 5 of your friends to take advantage of our package and you get ALL OF YOUR MARKETING TOOLS for FREE! How INCREDIBLE is that???

Some new things will be happening at Christian Auto Surf and Surfing Pros too!! Join me there, I am one of the owners and watch-they both offer GREAT promotion for your sites. We have also just launched "Your Daily Messages" a GREAT safelist submitter to further increase TRAFFIC to your sites , so be sure to get in on that one!!

Until next time-God bless YOU!
Your Guru-ette on the Net,
Success Consultant

Monday, August 07, 2006

Check out these tips-From Your Guru-ette on the net!

This program may be one of the NetÂ’s best kept secrets!! It is finally gaining some popularity, and it DOES show you the tools of the SUCCESSFUL downline builders. I recommend you check it out, it REALLY is fr ee!! At least to see what it's all about. You can make money with it as a Freemoverr also. DON'T DELAY!!!

It is so important to make money when you are starting your online business. You need a "cash cow" to generate a fast income and there are several EXCELLENT ones on line right now. This is a GREAT starter business for those who REALLY want to make money from HOME!!

Check it out here and REGISTER for one of the CALLS!!

How do I know? I've been doing on line businesses and marketing for over 10 years. When you HEAR-Anyone can do this, STOP...THINK..Do I WANT to do this. If anyone can, but it's not something you WANT to do, you won't succeed at it!! Those are some of the MOST truthful words I've heard.

As you START to make Money you can move into higher paying programs and expand into those programs that will develop a RESIDUAL INCOME-that should be Your PRIMARY GOAL!!! A GREAT program to move up to is MENTORS on a MISSION. It's not really Internet Marketing, but will teach you networking like no other program!!
We have a GREAT free seminar every weekday at 3:00pm EST.
Username: Your Name
Password: guest.

If you want to learn to improve YOUR BUSINESS attend-you cannot go wrong. Want to see the websites we use? Great flash movie on this one:
And the other one has great recorded calls.:

That's it for my Tips today!!
Have a great day and God Bless YOU,
From Your Guru-ette on the NET!
Marianne McEachern
Success Consultant-iPowerDirect
Partner Christian Auto Pros 5000 FREE Credits
Partner 2EZ2Build Classifieds

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


My intention is to help others succeed on line. What qualifies me? I am a success on line, I am a "guru-ette" on the net and teach a regular teleconference course every Thursday night. There are a lot of us "guru-ettes" on the net, but we work behind the scenes to help others (and OURSELVES), be honest how many JVs have you seen lately that show all of the "gurus" involved and ever show more than one or two women in fifty pictures? The money is in the LIST, but only if your LIST believes in you and responds. If you have an existing downline somewhere-communicate, get to know them, help them do what ever you did to develop the downline you have. That is the BEST starting point for YOUR List. If you want leads to try to develop a bigger list many of the list building programs can provide that. Lead Prospector offers great info and a chance to build 5 list builders at once for FREE. Its a good way to get your feet wet.

Then lead your contacts to easy money makers, Better Universe has become one of those. With their Cash Back on receipts anyone can get paid, and can get started for a one time $29. When people make money with what you send them, they WILL stick a round! Take a look, you will see what I mean:

Just to prove a point, check this site

Do you see any "guru-ettes" included in this group? Not one. My friend Kevin Lam (owner of Forever Busy Traffic Exchange and Networkers Debut Private Forum) recently issued an JV with a similar pattern.

Women are great NET WORKERS!! I mentioned building a team in a program that WILL make them money. They will start to follow you when you offer direction. Here are two more easy to recruit sites that pay as you go, and offer ADVERTISING Benefits:

Keep WATCHING-July 19th My BABY will rock the net-if we cant help you succeed NO ONE can!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

How you know your site has made it!!

iPowerDirect and our Family of sites are growing. If you don’t know us, you are missing out!! The first site we launched as an income site was Ads-Xchange , a program that allows you to post as many text or display ads you choose on a monthly basis for $17.95. It’s worthwhile to have two accounts, one for the text ads and one for display ads. The income opportunity is a forced 3x8 matrix, paid by level so there is no waiting to fill it before you can get paid. It also makes having two accounts VERY PROFITABLE!!! With 3 referrals you are in for free, as your monthly fee is covered.

There is now a copy site, BigDogTraffic, in pre-launch. Their website looks just like our Welcome page!! Visit Ads-Xchange and click the “Enter Here” puzzle piece and you’ll see what I mean! Isn’t it INCREDIBLE?? I KNOW we are on to something, if our site is getting look-a-likes!!! AND by BIG DOGS!! Face it, text ads and display ads will last for ever. Pixel Mania has all but dried up and with AdSense and other paid per clicks, the display ad has become one of the most common forms of advertising on line. Pay per Click sites make Ads-Xchange even more appealing because it can be used as a testing ground for ads BEFORE you pay out the BIG BUCKS!!!

Our second income site to launch was iPowerDirect-that one is MY BABY!!! I love it and I love what it can do for others!! It’s a Three Platform Marketing system and FEEDER for ANY program. I do Thursday evening training calls, practical Internet Marketing techniques for ALL PROGRAMS!! After all, that is our goal, to make our members successful in their own programs!! Our Resources are second to NONE-and nobody-not even the BIGGEST DOG can come close to copying this one (Especially for the price-it is the BEST VALUE on line! Our FreeMarketingSuite offers a FREE DOWNLINE BUILDER that you can customize for your own programs, everyone you invite sees your links, and can join if they choose. It is also an excellent Program Manager as you can store all of your referral URLs and your passwords in the comment section. No one can see your comments, so your passwords are always safe, and take it from ME, when a computer crashes it is AWESOME to have all of that info on a safe server somewhere else!!!! It also provides AWESOME training articles and resources for any marketing media you might want. Take a look-you’ll see what I mean when I say NO ONE will ever copy this one!! Our FeederDirect platform offers 10-20,000 leads a day and a second (direct) income stream for $20. We maintain everyday’s leads for a month in your back office, but you better download them before the first day of the next month because they will all be gone!! We use several different lead sources, including some surveyed leads in every daily batch. That should really kick your promotions up a notch, don’t you think??

We also provide our other sister sites, BlastPak, BlastPakJR, (both efficient ways to use ALL OF THOSE LEADS!) and SEO Underground, a great way to beat those HIGH uncontrollable pay per click charges!!

Our continued growth, copy cat sites, and cutting edge resources all show me that the iPowerDirect FAMILY is alive and WELL!! Come and see us-consider our Family YOUR Family!!! (and YOUR SUCCESS PACK)

Friday, May 05, 2006

I was hoping all of our pictures would show, but no!

Hi Everyone, This is a great monthly bulletin from Adland Pro. Networks are a great place to make contacts, friends, and meet like Minded Internet Marketers. Take a look at some of the offerings of our members!! Myself Included!!!

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Don't you LOVE it when a PLAN comes TOGETHER!!!

POWER to CONTROL your Success...that's the goal of iPowerDirect! It's working and our ACTIVITY is INCREDIBLE!!! We have the MOST unique and comprehensive marketing resource center on line today, as well as an incredible income opportunity. We have been in online marketing for over 10 years, and our coordinators offer you a combined experience of over 50 years. We've made all the mistakes, learned from them and iPowerDirect is our way of sharing what works on line with you.
We are not a get rich quick scheme. But KNOWLEDGE is POWER, and we want to share that POWER with EVERYONE!! If you ever wanted to really learn how to market, If you are not getting the results you want with what you are doing, Then you absolutely need this system.
Everything you need to build a LONG TERM, residual income is here. Take ADVANTAGE and check us out NOW!!!

I have mentioned before that I specialize in marketing systems. Have you seen TEM (Total Exposure Marketing)? Great twist for a downline builder and you can try it for FREE>Take a Look!!! I have to try them to see for myself-how about you?

I also have a GREAT Traffic offer for you, Have you seen the INCREDIBLE special at Christian Auto Surf?? They offer GREAT general business and Christian sites in their rotation-smooth and clean surfing!
If you aren't a member, join me here for 5000 credits to get started:

Then check out this special!!--BRAND NEW... 90-Day... ProPlus Up-Grade----- 45,000 Credits, 2 Banner Ads with Unlimited Impressions, 1 to 1 Surf Ratio, 22% Monthly Commissions on all up-graded members Associate or better in your downline. You will get 3 months of pure quality traffic to your sites, even if you never surf, your sites will get traffic and visitors!

Get this Superior Package now for just $12.00 one-time payment... Attention All Up-graded Members of CAS refer a new member or your downline members and encourage them to up-grade to this package and receive $2.00 cash payments plus commissions on these members if active every month!

Invite your contacts, your commissions will pay for your traffic with some left over to take to the BANK!!!
Have an awesome day, God bless you!
Marianne McEachern
Success Consultant
Power to Control YOUR Success

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Re-Launch in Progress-SOOOO AWESOME

IF you find your current marketing system doesn't deliver and you really want to make money, AND learn how to really MARKET your programs and products-join us. We have the MOST UNIQUE and COMPREHENSIVE marketing resource center on line-training, downline building, and two means of increasing your income while you utilize our resources and techniques to increase the income from YOUR own programs!!
Our 3x8 forced matrix will provide a steady residual income, and our direct pay (your down line pays you directly) platform has additional training, 50-70,000 leads a DAY, and some great profit making modules.
I LOVE it!! There is NOTHING like it on the web today. Check us out! You will be part of our Re-Launch PRE-LAUNCH, get a great position and help us get running smoothly. Don't miss this! It is the BEST MARKETING SYSTEM on line. It IS NOT a get rich quick proposition. Why a Re-Launch? We are making the PERFECT marketing system better-we added an AWESOME INCOME OPPORTUNITY to it.

For the first time EVER, iPowerDirect makes ALL of the BEST tools and resources available on the internet to take any business to the NEXT LEVEL. These are the tools that until now have been reserved only for the pros to MAXIMIZE THEIR RESULTS and earn thousands every month! Now, that POWER is YOURS! Use it to Maximize YOUR SUCCESS, we'll help you!!

Our Thursday night Feeder Direct calls are fun, informative and a great way for you to learn and invite your current downlines to help them-their success is YOUR success, too. Join us, you'll be glad you did!!

Have an awesome day-take that step to improve your future.
Marianne McEachern
Success Consultant

Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Marketing Systems/Programs On Line

I specialize in marketing systems. I’ve tried most of what’s available and in my typical fashion; I am continuing to try the new ones come out. ProBuilderPlus has a great binary pay plan, took off with a bang, but is really slowing down. The marketing system itself offers some interesting tools, but the campaign I set up for Ads-Xchange went no where! We have already become accustomed to seeing the lead generation pages and recognizing them as ProBuilder.

Hitch Hiker’s Guide to Profits is really excellent, very powerful system and requires concentration and set up time. It can be used to learn to market your own program as well-some neat little tricks.

Marketing is a little different than PROMOTING. I read a good article recently defining the difference. Almost every program out there offers you a way to PROMOTE your membership or affiliate links, but marketing is really an art, maybe more a science. It requires testing, knowing your target markets, a little creativity-you get the idea. Ads-Xchange is a great place to perfect your ad writing skills, if you are a MARKETER.
Check it out-it's really HEATING UP!

A new one coming on line in APRIL is a MARKETER’s DREAM!!! You won’t believe the resources that will be available, or the income opportunity. So BE WATCHING!

Hope to see you in the ADS! Have an awesome day, God Bless YOU!
Success Consultant

Friday, March 10, 2006

It's so AWESOME to be part of this!!

I've told you about Ads-Xchange-here is a brief update!

We have been growing our first month of operation and have made our first contribution, here is part of the testimony from our recipient:

My name is Maddy Schwartz and since 1993, I have had severely limited physical capabilities. I lost all hope when I became 24 years old and received the devastating report that I would die from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). I have also been diagnosed with Lyme Disease to complicate things further.

Ads-Xchange not only helped me with financial assistance to open doors for my dream of the necessary stem cell operation, it has also opened other prospects. I have been given the financial success opportunity that Ads-Xchange offers. Where else can you advertise your business, create a financial income while giving to much needed charities, all at the same time.

So this is my most sincere THANK YOU – for helping to support my dreams. My future now holds bright possibilities and I would like to acknowledge Ads-Xchange for their contributions. Thanks to Dr. Jay, Nate Boyd, all of the Ads-Xchange coordinators and Ads-Xchange affiliates for giving me a second chance to get my life back. I have been truly blessed!

I believe we will eventually be making NEWS, not just on line but off as well with our contributions-it's an awesome thing to be part of it!! The next program will be contributing to charities also just as Ads-Xchange is doing. It will be totally UNIQUE, nothing on the web like it and will offer the MOST comprehensive marketing resource center on line-NO CONTEST-COMING APRIL 2nd!!!. Think it over, We would love to be part of YOUR future success. We could help our members attain a monthly income, help the world be a better place, and help each other grow as marketers.

Don't forget, there really is big money in TEXT ADS-Howard Moreland is LIVING PROOF!! Ads-Xchange can help you learn to write those ads that really attract and convert visitors to buyers!! It's a great opportunity-don't let it get away!!

Have an awesome day!! God BLESS YOU!

Marianne McEachern
Success Consultant

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Big Money In Text Ads

If you don't believe me, have you experienced Howard Moreland's affiliates programs? He is the MASTER of creating TEXT ADS that draw. If you join his affiliate program you get some great coaching, and of course some of his own ads to market those INCREDIBLE PROGRAMS!
I would highly recommend you joining if you haven't, the offers are incredible and they WORK!!

Take a LOOK here:


Steal a real "Internet Multimillionaire's" business **WITH HIS PERMISSION!**

Legendary Internet Marketer and Multimillionaire, Howard L Moreland is giving away his business to you!

You'll instantly get:
  • Access to one of the Net's BEST Secret Resource Centers from which to tap!
  • Up to 30+ income streams from a multitude of web sites that go to work for you round the clock -- making "YOU" big, big money -- AND FAST!

  • All the successfully-tested and PROVEN selling tools to make "YOU" rich in the next 60 days!

  • Up to $450,000 monthly possible!

  • Business practically runs itself!
... and MUCH, MUCH more!

To get started (with NO obligation of course) just Click here!

His LIST is pure GOLD, and yes my testimony is on the page!! SEE for YOURSELF

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Success Consultant

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Has Cancer ever touched your life?

Has cancer touched your life? Yours, a loved one's, a friend's?
If not it will, the statistics are staggering. I would like to introduce you to a product that can help us all possibly prevent cancer and improve the quality of life for those currently undergoing treatments.
I encourage you to view the shot movie here: Click Here to Learn more This product is moving Waiora into the forefront of the Health Industry. Haven't heard of it? Then now is the time to find out, get involved, get healthy, and your own business around products that can help you, your loved ones and friends. Now that's a WIN-WIN!! I am looking forward to building my business at Waoria, and I'd love to have you come alsong!!