Saturday, May 29, 2010

Did I waste my money on Sweeva upgrade?

Anyone who has followed me for any length of time knows I believe in Traffic Exchanges. ALL kinds.

I am a partner in two of them at this time, 2EZ2BuildTraffic, a great manual exchange, and DW Traffic Exchange an awesome auto-surf AND manual surf. Both offer great banner and text ad advertising also.

I read great things about Sweeva, and I admit at first it is really refreshing and a new concept. The owners have long been proponents of Splash Pages, but when I sit looking at sites I could care less about splash pages. I have no desire to get more "free" stuff that has been passed around online for the last couple of years and I have no desire to be on ANY MORE lists. It seems to me there must be others like me out there somewhere so it would behoove splash page makers to add at least one link to the actual site so I can see it.

I paid for a one year upgrade, but it looks like I have to bid for every showing of my sites. Of course my sites are a little cheesy (but I love them!) and I get not much feedback since I haven't really bid on too many showings. I have surfed it though, and how many times can I offer feedback on the same sites over and over? They are the same sites I see on every other exchange. The comments reflect a lazy..I don't want to read..attitude so.. SOS..Different day.

Not really sure what my upgrade paid for...I am hoping I didn't waste my money. I don't have much to waste and I always figure traffic exchange upgrades will at least get me seen. Is that the case at Sweeva? I am still out on that one.