Sunday, September 20, 2009


This is an incredible Social Network that combines Social networking with the power of WordPress! Truly ingenious!! If you market anything, you know the search engine optimization of using WordPress Pages. You get up to 30 pages with an Ambassador's account. You can Blog, create your own Sales name it. That is just AWESOME in my book. If you would like to see more about what WordPress can do for you, visit my homepage and take a look. I have posted the last couple of months of traffic stats so you can get an idea. I am mostly a weekend marketing warrior, so if you work from home full time...imagine what you can accomplish!!

Traffic is the basic need for generating every SALE! Whether you are an affiliate marketer or promoting an MLM opportunity you can benefit from! Not only that, but I forgot to mention you get PAID for utilizing the system. It is a real WIN-WIN! I am using it as one of my primary marketing strategies on TVI Express and MyMandura, and of course my affiliate marketing which all wraps up neatly in My Internet Millionaire Project.

No matter what you are doing online, you need HELLOHELLO.NET Join FREE and check it out!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Out of Retirement??

I gave up on MLM type businesses three years ago. The burnout from growing those businesses is incredible. The work to bring in people, their need to have "help" (really they want you to just do it for them) and the attrition from those who don't make instant ALL know what I am talking about.

There are so many new fabulous programs online right now, that I had to give in. It has always been my goal to help others, I love marketing, so I offered Web 2.0 marketing services. SAFE-paid in advance work and still online, where I love it. I have had to rethink it all, and am now working on three opportunities. I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew, but there is a method to my madness!!

Health and Wellness, Travel and Social Networking are the three fastest growing market segments online. I have carefully chosen one business in each group, MyMandura , TVI Express and for promotion and networking Why these three out of hundreds??

Because they all offer something special, are easy to build businesses for the average online marketer, and can tie them all together (and make you some money while you ae doing it), along with offering marketing services to those in need.

I have a business plan, a strategy. I even have a duplicatable system for my team members to achieve some success. One that doesn't cost money! Do you? If not join me in mine. This is all part of my Internet Millionaire Project, the residual income factor is a key to attaining that status.

I want to HELP MORE people, my name it. I have to MAKE MORE to do it. Join me, let's do it together! Let's make a difference.

Monday, July 06, 2009

A traffic secret no one ever shared

Covert Affiliate Links” is a software application designed to protect your income by masking your affiliate URLs which it does extremely well, but it does EVEN more than that and I am going to tell you how.

I have been using the product for over a year now. I find it brings me some great targeted traffic. If you own your domain and host a web site or Blog you need this tool. There is nothing on Covert Affiliate Links that says it will help you drive traffic to your site, only that it will protect your affiliate URLs and improve your conversion rate. So, when I discovered it brought me traffic too...yippee!! What an incredible bonus.

Any campaign you set up instantly makes that affiliate page part of your own domain. How cool is that? I see the stats on every campaign on the webalizer info for my domain (I check it every you?). The number of hits I get even on old campaigns is amazing, great way to track your results, so it protects your income, tracks your results AND brings you traffic, that is a totally awesome marketing tool and one I couldn't do without. Every time you use tinyurl or one of the other services you generate traffic for their domain. Why not start doing it for your own?

Have an awesome day, God bless you!!!
Guruette On The Net

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tools for your own Internet Millionaire Project

I have established a strategy for making money to buy Pay-Per-Click campaigns which will be a GREAT boost for what ever products I choose. The strategy described in 123Cash System makes sense (although I am a little slow on the Forex end of it, but I will get up to speed). Basically it says, and I QUOTE:

The essence of earning is to increase the amount of money you own. You can increase the amount of money you have in two ways:
- by adding to it
- by multiplying it"

WOW! You can’t deny that. To recap, the strategy is to start with as little an investment (yes you need tools-doesn’t mean you can’t make money with them though!) as possible, develop some cash flow and utilize it to make Internet millions.

I will add to the tool list periodically. I try everything available to drive traffic. If you haven’t already, please sign up for my free e-mail series on , it helps anyone going forward for traffic generation on the sites, articles and Blogs that we will be using. I have been generating traffic for myself and clients for quite a while so I do know what works, but you never know when someone will come up with something new that I just have to have. I will share when I find anything.

On to the tools required to get great traffic building before making big bucks.

I truly recommend having your own domain name and a hosting account. I recommend 2ez2host to everyone; they do an awesome job for me. It is run by one of my online associates, Steve Pershall. We are co-administrators for his, a fun hover, manual traffic exchange. Steve is always working to make it affordable for people to do business online. In fact with a premium upgrade at the traffic exchange you can get hosting and an autoresponder for FREE. You will not find anything like that anywhere on the web. Trust me I know. This will get you some traffic, hosting and an autoresponder (for lead generation and follow up- all for one tiny fee, so don’t miss out).

If you have your own domain, and you are going to do any affiliate marketing a MUST have tool is Covert Links. Why? Because it masks your affiliate links and here is the big SECRET- it builds INCREDIBLE traffic to your domain!! It even shows your links when the key words for your domain are displayed on search engines. It is truly one of the BEST kept secrets around for traffic generation. Many free link cloakers are available, but why build traffic for tiny.url or short.url or whoever when you can be building traffic for yourself? It is a one time fee that is well worth the return. It even tracks the traffic, it helps in so many ways. The links will also show up in your c-panel webilizer. It is an awesome tool, and one I use regularly.

If you have your own hosting and domain you need Wordpress and Free Traffic System. The Free Traffic System will help you build traffic to your Blog, I have picked up a page rank (on my Blog) in the short time I have been using it. This is IMPORTANT. You won’t make your millions overnight (in spite of what you have been lead to believe) as an affiliate marketer so building up traffic is a necessity! Free Traffic System is also a necessity for article marketing, so get your free account right now (or Pro if you want even better advantages), download the info and be ready to rock when the time is right.

You NEED a Blog, and syndication. The best of both worlds is Quikonnex. You can dress it up to look like a Wordpress Blog (I can get help for you if you need it), and everything you publish is in RSS! And you never even know it. People can communicate with you as they read what you Publish, without email. How cool is that. It gets picked up by search engines faster than lightening. Any marketer that hasn’t tried it truly doesn’t know what they are missing. Get your own channel. You can charge people admission, you can publish great articles, charge others to publish their articles, and get the most ultimate meeting room online today all for one low monthly fee. (If you are following this series you should soon be making enough for all of these tools to be free.)

These are the bare minimum tools required to generate Internet Millions! Now I am going to prove they work!! Taking my time and planning it all out!

Have an awesome day, God bless,

Saturday, May 23, 2009

So Much Happening!

Things on the web move so fast!! The improvements in things continue to BOGGLE my mind, and research for My Internet Millionaire Project (please subscribe-we can do it together!) continues to bring more surprises.

I haven't posted here for a while, my weekend warrior marketing makes it tough to cover all of the bases. I am an accountant, and after some misplaced trust and a financial disaster I have been working a full time J.O.B. to keep house and home together. That leaves only weekends-evenings I am too burned out to turn on the machine. That makes this time for me even more important-a LOT to pack into a short time for marketing purposes.

You must know from previous posts that I am a fan of Traffic Exchanges. YES..they do have a place in online promotions and lead generation. If you aren't using them at all you are missing out and adding 15 minutes a day of surfing 3-6 exchanges does wonders for your traffic, especially if you have your own domain. I am also a partner at 2EZ2BuildTraffic , a great little hover exchange that offers some great things no one else does..or at least we will. Hosting and your very own auto-responder to take care of your lead capture requirements will come along with a Premium Upgrade (we do already have the auto-responder set up for you) so you will get traffic too!! One of the new exchanges (that pays) is AdViewGlobal - available by invitation only so I am inviting you. They have just revamped the site and the back office is absolutely DYNAMITE! Page views for your site, classifieds, social networking, yellow page listings all wrapped up in a beautiful package!!! It is GENIUS!! AND it can make you big bucks-I am a small fish in the sea there-but if I had the extra bucks to invest I would do it here.

In doing research for my Internet Millionaire project I ran across an interesting little program called 123Cash System. Why do I bring it up here? It is sort of related to Adview Global in that it offers a sound cash generating strategy for people to make money online without sales, without advertising, without referring-just on your own how to build wealth . Adview Global should be part of that program!!

I am actually having a great time working on my Internet Millionaire project and will be taking my time, doing it RIGHT and sharing as I go along. I mean REALLY sharing, not just a few tidbits to string you along and then ask you to buy me e-book. You KNOW that is how it usually works, and then the e-book doesn't really tell you like it is anyway. (GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....) Besides, how many e-books, video series, etc can one person reasonably handle. How many have you tried?? How many have truly worked for you?? I would love to hear from you, and invite you t join me on the journey. We will cover article marketing, syndication, PPC and whatever it takes to become that INTERNET MILLIONAIRE so many claim to be. If they can do it...SO CAN WE!!!

Have a GREAT day, God bless you
Gurette On The Net

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Ultimate (?) Marketing Tool

Many of the online business people are tired of the MLM grind. Finding leads, following up, networking for several months for one conversion. Affiliate marketing is an answer for those folks!!!

Are you ready to take over the affiliate marketing game? It is based solely on your own efforts and to truly make the big bucks requires PPC skills and knowledge. Don't you wish you had access to the PPC campaigns and lists used by the big 7-digit a year marketers? Well a new tool has come out that will allow you to legally copy actual high converting PPC campaigns that can make you a lot of money. CopyNProfit has put a great program together for anyone wanting to break in to the affiliate marketing arena.

Many online marketers are afraid of PPC. We have all heard horror stories of people trying it out and ending up with a huge bill to Google at the end. Google makes it easy for you to try out and learn the ropes. You can do a prepaid campaign, so you know your spending and it is limited. They will adjust the default bids according to your budget. It won’t get the stellar traffic you might want, but you will learn a lot, and even if you only get two conversions a day-it will cover your budget!

PPC is also the PREMIUM marketing method for getting leads for your existing businesses if you are working an MLM opportunity. You simply drive the traffic to your lead generation page. So learn the ropes-expand your horizons and get into the PPC game with a budget you can afford. Make your first campaign something easy and with a budget you don't mind losing so you can see the back office and get familiar with the analytics they provide.

I recommend CopyNProfit as an excellent way to get started, or improve your existing knowledge and revenue sources.

You can try out what you want as a PPC ad on LeadsLeap, I have found it to be a good traffic source.

Have a great day! God bless you,
Success and Marketing Consultant

Saturday, February 21, 2009

MLM LEADS...Many ways to get them

Anyone building an MLM business today knows that the key is leads, leads and MORE leads. There are tons of systems available for garnering leads and following up with them. Some of the systems are quite expensive, and not everyone starting a business online has a budget to join any of those systems. In today's economy you have to leverage every angle you can and take advantage of some of the better free sites as well as the more expensive full service systems.

I have come across a couple of excellent leads programs, Orange Leads and LeadsLeap. I love all of the freebies at LeadsLeap, they can be great incentive give aways for developing your own lists, or rewards for joining your MLM organizations. They are not only useful for learning, but have resale right, too. The also offer great advertising..check out the Ads on their Blog: it is an INCREDIBLE way to test any PPC campaigns BEFORE you kick them off!

Another outstanding program for developing Leads is Why Start 2.0 and Never Quit from Al Turnquist. Unlike ANY other program out there, Al Turnquist took into account the current economic conditions and revamped for that very thing. He improved Why Start, discontinued a higher priced system and has not only gone back to basics, but does an outstanding job of SEO and ways to utilize SEO even on your affiliate pages, along with some great Web 2.0 training too. The training as always is outstanding, and he is such a charismatic instructor you just can't help but have fun learning to do the right things and developing your business!

MLM is all about leads-so try any and everything you can to bring them in if you truly want to grow an MLM business. If you have a service or offline business, as well as marketing online then you really need SALES SPIDER; they have some great access to Government Leads-free... and don't forget Spider Web Marketing, it is not only a great lead generator but offers 21... yes 21 streams of income!! I am doing well with it and making money with the few programs in the downline builder that require monthly fees. GDI and DirectMatches primarily. Both of those programs can be lead generators too. Don't forget, your best LIST is a downline you have already built that makes money in your organization!!! They know they can trust your judgement and will likely try what ever you try to lead them into.

If you need any help and I can be of service be sure to contact me!!
Have a great week and God Bless YOU!
Success and Marketing Consultant
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