Saturday, February 21, 2009

MLM LEADS...Many ways to get them

Anyone building an MLM business today knows that the key is leads, leads and MORE leads. There are tons of systems available for garnering leads and following up with them. Some of the systems are quite expensive, and not everyone starting a business online has a budget to join any of those systems. In today's economy you have to leverage every angle you can and take advantage of some of the better free sites as well as the more expensive full service systems.

I have come across a couple of excellent leads programs, Orange Leads and LeadsLeap. I love all of the freebies at LeadsLeap, they can be great incentive give aways for developing your own lists, or rewards for joining your MLM organizations. They are not only useful for learning, but have resale right, too. The also offer great advertising..check out the Ads on their Blog: it is an INCREDIBLE way to test any PPC campaigns BEFORE you kick them off!

Another outstanding program for developing Leads is Why Start 2.0 and Never Quit from Al Turnquist. Unlike ANY other program out there, Al Turnquist took into account the current economic conditions and revamped for that very thing. He improved Why Start, discontinued a higher priced system and has not only gone back to basics, but does an outstanding job of SEO and ways to utilize SEO even on your affiliate pages, along with some great Web 2.0 training too. The training as always is outstanding, and he is such a charismatic instructor you just can't help but have fun learning to do the right things and developing your business!

MLM is all about leads-so try any and everything you can to bring them in if you truly want to grow an MLM business. If you have a service or offline business, as well as marketing online then you really need SALES SPIDER; they have some great access to Government Leads-free... and don't forget Spider Web Marketing, it is not only a great lead generator but offers 21... yes 21 streams of income!! I am doing well with it and making money with the few programs in the downline builder that require monthly fees. GDI and DirectMatches primarily. Both of those programs can be lead generators too. Don't forget, your best LIST is a downline you have already built that makes money in your organization!!! They know they can trust your judgement and will likely try what ever you try to lead them into.

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