Tuesday, September 27, 2005

WOW time flies!

I thought you would like to hear about the excellent online offer I found for a Free Satellite TV System Installation!
Get a SATELLITE TV SYSTEM with up to FOUR RECEIVERS and FREE INSTALLATION when you sign up for service with Dish Network! There is no equipment to buy! The offer even includes free HDTV equipment and Digital Video Recorders!
You'll get up to 256 channels of CD quality sound and picture for LESS than you pay for cable TV!
Monthly rates start as low as $31.99. You can order online and schedule your FREE INSTALLATION from Dish Network. It is saving me money, as my Digital cable only went to one TV, and regular everywhere else. The monthly fees are a real savings!! Check it out! They have an excellent affiliate program, too. It's free, so you could get a commission on your own installation!
Do you participate in free Affiliate programs? The first money I EVER made on line was through an affiliate program with HotelDiscounts.com. I made $600 and was so excited!!! (I still am excited to make $600) If you visit how about posting what free affiliate programs are working for you. If you market on the net you need to have a few of them, so let me hear from you.
Have an AWESOME day,
Marianne McEachern
Success Consultant

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Can Internet Marketing also be a Ministry?

If you have ever read "About Me" on my MyOPP site you'll know that I LOVE the Lord, and I do use a Christian slant in my marketing! Today is Sunday, a day to glorify our Lord and rest. So today I offer you some effortless promotions and opportunities for income:

5000 free hits and INSPIRING surfing! I am part owner here, and it's a GREAT program, join us please!!





You can build a steady downline in Autosurfs by advertising them in each other. It will help your promotions, and you can open several windows at one time, so in an hour a day you can fulfill the requirements for earning traffic and money!
Have a blessed day,
Success Consultant

Saturday, September 17, 2005

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Do you use redirects?

I find redirects tend to send your email advertisements to spam boxes. I like to know where I'm going, so if you aren't willing to show me in your URL, the ad better be really good, or I don't visit!! Global Domains International gives you an opportunity to register a .ws domain name that you can use as a redirect or build your page for that address. It's an additional revenue stream and offers a lot of email identities for use in different marketing campaigns.

You can also get cheap domain names at GoDaddy.com, let's face it a real domain name is so much more professional. I maintain quite a few of my own, for example http://www.makemoney-notexcuses.com is a forwarded URL, while http://www.mini-fast-track.com is a page of my own. EVERY marketer need to have their own page, for banner exchanges, link exchanges, something easy to get as many little side programs as you can on. If you don't have it, you are missing out on outstanding traffic opportunities. A great place to get a page and a domain is KIOSK, and you get the benefits of hosting an FFA page, and autoresponders for an excellent price.

So, I guess wht I'm saying, is I believe real URL and not substitutes are more professional. Check out my .ws page, http://marimac.ws which I am using as a redirect. It's nice and short, and doesn't land in SPAM mailboxes. Big Money Pro is really working for me, I've built downlines in all of the programs we promote, and made excellent fast start referral bonuses. If you are looking for an easy way to diversify your income with the Web's BEST programs, join me, I'll be glad to help you and provide some leads for you!

I can't sign off without mentioning iPowerDirect again. It a power house of advertising, developing contacts, providing leads, and is absolutely the best one time $5 investment you can ever make in YOU.
That's it for today! Have an AWESOME weekend and God Bless YOU!
Marianne McEachern
Success Consultant

Saturday, September 10, 2005

What's Working for me now

This is really sort of a test. Blogging is totally new to me and I am trying to get everything figured out! I truly enjoy internet marketing, even though I work full time and am a single mom. I have some excellent programs and finally after 10 years am beginning to see the fruits of learning from my many mistakes!!

The internet has so much to offer for a home business, it DOES take money to make money, but with the internet not near as much. If you are promoting a business I'm sure you try all of the current marketing approaches. I personally love MyOpp, it's not a business in itself, but it is one of the best promotion tools I've found. My site, allows me to offer a movie, free e-book, it includes great lead generators, autoresponders, prewritten letters, multi-lingual chat, free affiliate sites, and of course showcase my primary programs and marketing programs. MyOpp in combination with FFA sites brings in sensational premium leads! (Yes, post and HOST FFA sites-it's good for your business)

Another outstanding marketing vehicle is iPowerDirect which offers excellent training, a fantastic downline builder, and so much I am AMAZED by, all for a one time $5. If you promote anything at all this will be the most worthwhile $5 you will ever spend. It covers page exchange programs (you've got to have them!), safelists, autoresponders, endless leads-you name it, it's all available here.

If you belong to a lot of page exchanges you also need a home rotator, and if you promote multiple programs a site rotator also. The best ones are free, seamless, and can be found at Buildreferrals . The home rotator is for your surf URLs, you enter them in your rotator, set the rotator address as your home page and surf a different site every time you load your browse. Open three or four browser windows at once and surf multiple exchanges. You can do it for a few minutes every day and stay active in your exchanges and get traffic.

That's it for now, I'll add more later. Right now I'm just anxious to see if it works!!