Tuesday, September 27, 2005

WOW time flies!

I thought you would like to hear about the excellent online offer I found for a Free Satellite TV System Installation!
Get a SATELLITE TV SYSTEM with up to FOUR RECEIVERS and FREE INSTALLATION when you sign up for service with Dish Network! There is no equipment to buy! The offer even includes free HDTV equipment and Digital Video Recorders!
You'll get up to 256 channels of CD quality sound and picture for LESS than you pay for cable TV!
Monthly rates start as low as $31.99. You can order online and schedule your FREE INSTALLATION from Dish Network. It is saving me money, as my Digital cable only went to one TV, and regular everywhere else. The monthly fees are a real savings!! Check it out! They have an excellent affiliate program, too. It's free, so you could get a commission on your own installation!
Do you participate in free Affiliate programs? The first money I EVER made on line was through an affiliate program with HotelDiscounts.com. I made $600 and was so excited!!! (I still am excited to make $600) If you visit how about posting what free affiliate programs are working for you. If you market on the net you need to have a few of them, so let me hear from you.
Have an AWESOME day,
Marianne McEachern
Success Consultant

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