Saturday, June 21, 2008

Old School RULES

Well, sometimes and for some things. Business on the Internet revolves around traffic, and leads. If you don't have them you can't really conduct business. If you think about it, the same is true for "Brick and Mortar" businesses, too. Traffic-customers (leads) and then of course SALES and or Conversions.

For online business there are many ways to generate traffic and leads. The conversion is up to your sales letter or web site. You can bring them, but you cannot force them to buy/signup or even leave their info. I am a traffic generation specialist. I utilize everything I can to generate traffic and good serps (listing in "SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS PAGE"). At we do an outstanding job for our clients. For those that recognize the VALUE of good serp placement we are the ultimate...for the price. where am I going with this? Old School versus New School Traffic. I have written previous posts on traffic exchanges. They are OLD SCHOOL-some of the original means of site promotion when mlm started really picking up online. I use them, both the manual and auto surf formats. They serve a very specific function, and both have hundreds of thousands of followers.

Many surf exchange owners try to add a new twist here and there to keep surfers interested. Most have affiliate programs and you can generate some nice monthly income from them as well as generating traffic. Some even offer returns on your purchases of traffic and are paying really well. If your lead capture page pushes the RIGHT BUTTONS you will get leads from traffic exchanges. Pushing the RIGHT BUTTONS is the conversion factor of your ad copy. AND traffic exchanges do provide traffic for your site. Traffic affects your Alexa rating which indirectly affects your page rank! (That is the true function of auto surfs!!) If you own your own site and domain name that traffic can really help you.

I am partnering with Steve Pershall to start a new manual traffic exchange. We haven't really finished setting it up, but you are welcome to join me and see it develop. 2EZ2BuildTraffic will be part of the 2EZ2 product line, 2EZ2Host and 2EZ2Build for auto responders are two of the other products currently online. We will be offering discounts on the services to members of the traffic exchange, so join us and see what other products we bring on!

Safelists are the other OLD SCHOOL method of increasing traffic and leads for your business. Safelists also have hundreds of thousands of followers. Many newbies are overcome with mail volume and just burn out on this method of marketing. But if you aren't using it you are missing out! My own e-Guide on safelist marketing can show you how to EFFECTIVELY utilize safelists in just 10 minutes a day. You do have to have some good emails ready to use. Some online programs furnish pre-written ones, which are OK-but you need your OWN subject line to stand out in the crowd. Safelisters love freebies, so offering something of VALUE can get you a great increase in subscribers to your Blogs, leads for your business and excellent TRAFFIC. If it's something you have stayed away from...better rethink it. Safe email is still the number one marketing method online. You can start building your own list for safe emailing too.

Have a GREAT day, and God bless you!
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Updates and News

First, I would like to offer you an update on Spider Web Marketing, as I am really still enjoying it. Since deciding to take it for a spin, I have 50+ great leads, they have added 10 additional revenue streams to the 12 they started with, and it seems to market itself which is a real help because 99% of my marketing is done for clients. One of their new revenue streams will truly be a BLESSING to online businesses and individuals. It is being brought online by Self Bank Financial who is giving away $100,000, advertising budget from HEAVEN..Right?? You can garner $100 of it for yourself by registering for a free account. You can give your friends and family $100 to join with you AND you get a matching $100 to go with it. It is still in Beta and should launch in the fall.

If you are interested in more info the WEBINAR can be heard here:
but keep in mind, this all still in BETA and being made available through the SpiderWebSystem which you can join with me for free. I truly believe this will help a lot of people.

Old school Internet Marketing combined with Social Marketing can really generate traffic and leads for your service or opportunity. Old school is primarily Traffic Exchanges and Safelists. They are still very effective ahd thousands, no hundreds of thousands of online marketers participate and if you aren't among them you are losing out on many potential leads. I utilize these for myself and my clients. I have also been a major participant as an owner and partner at Christian Auto Surf, which unfortunately I have now resigned from, as I have no ability to respond to members needing help and my (ex) partner disappears regularly, so the service is non-existent. This has happened three times-so -three strikes and I am OUT! However I will be joining Steve Pershall, a long time online associate to launch 2EZ2BuildTraffic, a new manual surf exchange. We will be bringing more marketing tools on as part of a "2EZ2" product line that will hopefully make it "2EZ2" be online with your business! I hope you will give us a try when we are ready to go!

My eGuide is reduced and can help you generate a TON of traffic as well as some new revenue streams if you choose to try it and give it away to your current contacts. Give it a try-it DOES work and you may be surprised at the results. It has worked successfullly for me for over 13 years!

That's it for now-Have a GREAT week and God Bless YOU!
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