Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Ultimate (?) Marketing Tool

Many of the online business people are tired of the MLM grind. Finding leads, following up, networking for several months for one conversion. Affiliate marketing is an answer for those folks!!!

Are you ready to take over the affiliate marketing game? It is based solely on your own efforts and to truly make the big bucks requires PPC skills and knowledge. Don't you wish you had access to the PPC campaigns and lists used by the big 7-digit a year marketers? Well a new tool has come out that will allow you to legally copy actual high converting PPC campaigns that can make you a lot of money. CopyNProfit has put a great program together for anyone wanting to break in to the affiliate marketing arena.

Many online marketers are afraid of PPC. We have all heard horror stories of people trying it out and ending up with a huge bill to Google at the end. Google makes it easy for you to try out and learn the ropes. You can do a prepaid campaign, so you know your spending and it is limited. They will adjust the default bids according to your budget. It won’t get the stellar traffic you might want, but you will learn a lot, and even if you only get two conversions a day-it will cover your budget!

PPC is also the PREMIUM marketing method for getting leads for your existing businesses if you are working an MLM opportunity. You simply drive the traffic to your lead generation page. So learn the ropes-expand your horizons and get into the PPC game with a budget you can afford. Make your first campaign something easy and with a budget you don't mind losing so you can see the back office and get familiar with the analytics they provide.

I recommend CopyNProfit as an excellent way to get started, or improve your existing knowledge and revenue sources.

You can try out what you want as a PPC ad on LeadsLeap, I have found it to be a good traffic source.

Have a great day! God bless you,
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