Saturday, May 23, 2009

So Much Happening!

Things on the web move so fast!! The improvements in things continue to BOGGLE my mind, and research for My Internet Millionaire Project (please subscribe-we can do it together!) continues to bring more surprises.

I haven't posted here for a while, my weekend warrior marketing makes it tough to cover all of the bases. I am an accountant, and after some misplaced trust and a financial disaster I have been working a full time J.O.B. to keep house and home together. That leaves only weekends-evenings I am too burned out to turn on the machine. That makes this time for me even more important-a LOT to pack into a short time for marketing purposes.

You must know from previous posts that I am a fan of Traffic Exchanges. YES..they do have a place in online promotions and lead generation. If you aren't using them at all you are missing out and adding 15 minutes a day of surfing 3-6 exchanges does wonders for your traffic, especially if you have your own domain. I am also a partner at 2EZ2BuildTraffic , a great little hover exchange that offers some great things no one else does..or at least we will. Hosting and your very own auto-responder to take care of your lead capture requirements will come along with a Premium Upgrade (we do already have the auto-responder set up for you) so you will get traffic too!! One of the new exchanges (that pays) is AdViewGlobal - available by invitation only so I am inviting you. They have just revamped the site and the back office is absolutely DYNAMITE! Page views for your site, classifieds, social networking, yellow page listings all wrapped up in a beautiful package!!! It is GENIUS!! AND it can make you big bucks-I am a small fish in the sea there-but if I had the extra bucks to invest I would do it here.

In doing research for my Internet Millionaire project I ran across an interesting little program called 123Cash System. Why do I bring it up here? It is sort of related to Adview Global in that it offers a sound cash generating strategy for people to make money online without sales, without advertising, without referring-just on your own how to build wealth . Adview Global should be part of that program!!

I am actually having a great time working on my Internet Millionaire project and will be taking my time, doing it RIGHT and sharing as I go along. I mean REALLY sharing, not just a few tidbits to string you along and then ask you to buy me e-book. You KNOW that is how it usually works, and then the e-book doesn't really tell you like it is anyway. (GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....) Besides, how many e-books, video series, etc can one person reasonably handle. How many have you tried?? How many have truly worked for you?? I would love to hear from you, and invite you t join me on the journey. We will cover article marketing, syndication, PPC and whatever it takes to become that INTERNET MILLIONAIRE so many claim to be. If they can do it...SO CAN WE!!!

Have a GREAT day, God bless you
Gurette On The Net

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