Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Marketing Systems/Programs On Line

I specialize in marketing systems. I’ve tried most of what’s available and in my typical fashion; I am continuing to try the new ones come out. ProBuilderPlus has a great binary pay plan, took off with a bang, but is really slowing down. The marketing system itself offers some interesting tools, but the campaign I set up for Ads-Xchange went no where! We have already become accustomed to seeing the lead generation pages and recognizing them as ProBuilder.

Hitch Hiker’s Guide to Profits is really excellent, very powerful system and requires concentration and set up time. It can be used to learn to market your own program as well-some neat little tricks.

Marketing is a little different than PROMOTING. I read a good article recently defining the difference. Almost every program out there offers you a way to PROMOTE your membership or affiliate links, but marketing is really an art, maybe more a science. It requires testing, knowing your target markets, a little creativity-you get the idea. Ads-Xchange is a great place to perfect your ad writing skills, if you are a MARKETER.
Check it out-it's really HEATING UP!

A new one coming on line in APRIL is a MARKETER’s DREAM!!! You won’t believe the resources that will be available, or the income opportunity. So BE WATCHING!

Hope to see you in the ADS! Have an awesome day, God Bless YOU!
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