Thursday, March 30, 2006

Re-Launch in Progress-SOOOO AWESOME

IF you find your current marketing system doesn't deliver and you really want to make money, AND learn how to really MARKET your programs and products-join us. We have the MOST UNIQUE and COMPREHENSIVE marketing resource center on line-training, downline building, and two means of increasing your income while you utilize our resources and techniques to increase the income from YOUR own programs!!
Our 3x8 forced matrix will provide a steady residual income, and our direct pay (your down line pays you directly) platform has additional training, 50-70,000 leads a DAY, and some great profit making modules.
I LOVE it!! There is NOTHING like it on the web today. Check us out! You will be part of our Re-Launch PRE-LAUNCH, get a great position and help us get running smoothly. Don't miss this! It is the BEST MARKETING SYSTEM on line. It IS NOT a get rich quick proposition. Why a Re-Launch? We are making the PERFECT marketing system better-we added an AWESOME INCOME OPPORTUNITY to it.

For the first time EVER, iPowerDirect makes ALL of the BEST tools and resources available on the internet to take any business to the NEXT LEVEL. These are the tools that until now have been reserved only for the pros to MAXIMIZE THEIR RESULTS and earn thousands every month! Now, that POWER is YOURS! Use it to Maximize YOUR SUCCESS, we'll help you!!

Our Thursday night Feeder Direct calls are fun, informative and a great way for you to learn and invite your current downlines to help them-their success is YOUR success, too. Join us, you'll be glad you did!!

Have an awesome day-take that step to improve your future.
Marianne McEachern
Success Consultant

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