Tuesday, July 11, 2006


My intention is to help others succeed on line. What qualifies me? I am a success on line, I am a "guru-ette" on the net and teach a regular teleconference course every Thursday night. There are a lot of us "guru-ettes" on the net, but we work behind the scenes to help others (and OURSELVES), be honest how many JVs have you seen lately that show all of the "gurus" involved and ever show more than one or two women in fifty pictures? The money is in the LIST, but only if your LIST believes in you and responds. If you have an existing downline somewhere-communicate, get to know them, help them do what ever you did to develop the downline you have. That is the BEST starting point for YOUR List. If you want leads to try to develop a bigger list many of the list building programs can provide that. Lead Prospector offers great info and a chance to build 5 list builders at once for FREE. Its a good way to get your feet wet. http://www.email-solutionz.net/lp/mmce1.html

Then lead your contacts to easy money makers, Better Universe has become one of those. With their Cash Back on receipts anyone can get paid, and can get started for a one time $29. When people make money with what you send them, they WILL stick a round! Take a look, you will see what I mean: http://mm0222229.betteruniverse.com/receipts.php

Just to prove a point, check this site

Do you see any "guru-ettes" included in this group? Not one. My friend Kevin Lam (owner of Forever Busy Traffic Exchange and Networkers Debut Private Forum) recently issued an JV with a similar pattern.

Women are great NET WORKERS!! I mentioned building a team in a program that WILL make them money. They will start to follow you when you offer direction. Here are two more easy to recruit sites that pay as you go, and offer ADVERTISING Benefits:

Keep WATCHING-July 19th My BABY will rock the net-if we cant help you succeed NO ONE can!!

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