Sunday, June 11, 2006

How you know your site has made it!!

iPowerDirect and our Family of sites are growing. If you don’t know us, you are missing out!! The first site we launched as an income site was Ads-Xchange , a program that allows you to post as many text or display ads you choose on a monthly basis for $17.95. It’s worthwhile to have two accounts, one for the text ads and one for display ads. The income opportunity is a forced 3x8 matrix, paid by level so there is no waiting to fill it before you can get paid. It also makes having two accounts VERY PROFITABLE!!! With 3 referrals you are in for free, as your monthly fee is covered.

There is now a copy site, BigDogTraffic, in pre-launch. Their website looks just like our Welcome page!! Visit Ads-Xchange and click the “Enter Here” puzzle piece and you’ll see what I mean! Isn’t it INCREDIBLE?? I KNOW we are on to something, if our site is getting look-a-likes!!! AND by BIG DOGS!! Face it, text ads and display ads will last for ever. Pixel Mania has all but dried up and with AdSense and other paid per clicks, the display ad has become one of the most common forms of advertising on line. Pay per Click sites make Ads-Xchange even more appealing because it can be used as a testing ground for ads BEFORE you pay out the BIG BUCKS!!!

Our second income site to launch was iPowerDirect-that one is MY BABY!!! I love it and I love what it can do for others!! It’s a Three Platform Marketing system and FEEDER for ANY program. I do Thursday evening training calls, practical Internet Marketing techniques for ALL PROGRAMS!! After all, that is our goal, to make our members successful in their own programs!! Our Resources are second to NONE-and nobody-not even the BIGGEST DOG can come close to copying this one (Especially for the price-it is the BEST VALUE on line! Our FreeMarketingSuite offers a FREE DOWNLINE BUILDER that you can customize for your own programs, everyone you invite sees your links, and can join if they choose. It is also an excellent Program Manager as you can store all of your referral URLs and your passwords in the comment section. No one can see your comments, so your passwords are always safe, and take it from ME, when a computer crashes it is AWESOME to have all of that info on a safe server somewhere else!!!! It also provides AWESOME training articles and resources for any marketing media you might want. Take a look-you’ll see what I mean when I say NO ONE will ever copy this one!! Our FeederDirect platform offers 10-20,000 leads a day and a second (direct) income stream for $20. We maintain everyday’s leads for a month in your back office, but you better download them before the first day of the next month because they will all be gone!! We use several different lead sources, including some surveyed leads in every daily batch. That should really kick your promotions up a notch, don’t you think??

We also provide our other sister sites, BlastPak, BlastPakJR, (both efficient ways to use ALL OF THOSE LEADS!) and SEO Underground, a great way to beat those HIGH uncontrollable pay per click charges!!

Our continued growth, copy cat sites, and cutting edge resources all show me that the iPowerDirect FAMILY is alive and WELL!! Come and see us-consider our Family YOUR Family!!! (and YOUR SUCCESS PACK)

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