Monday, December 18, 2006

Are you ready for 2007???

The holidays are here!! (Still time to order goodies if you hurry!! Check these out for hard to buy for folks. )

2007 is going to be an OUTSTANDING year to be in business on the Internet!! We have some great new things to help you promote your opportunities to the FULLEST! Every program or product out there can be marketed to a niche audience, sometime even more that one. I'll give two examples: the first is Ethos-4, or any of the other Gas Additive programs. Marketing can be geared to those who want to save money, or directed to Environmentalists.

Health product programs, or programs that offer a combination of Health Supplements, Cleaning Products or Health and Beauty products. A separate campaign can be done to appeal individually to people with interest in Supplements, Beauty aids, or great cleaning products.

There are a lot of ways to do this, one of which is creating Sales Pages for each product or aspect of a product and driving traffic to it. The more Sales Pages you have out there, the better your rankings and traffic will DO have to send traffic to the Sales Pages you create.

I have found a great tool for doing this, it's called I told you about it at the end of November. It isn't an affiliate site so I am not making money by recommending it, but it has some great features.

The rage on the net right now is "Splash Page 2" which is okay, but to really make on line sales in a Niche Market, you need optimized sales pages, yes you can add script from an auto responder and collect leads, but you need the next page to be your primary website. The Goal is to get people to the site where you make your money. also offers a hosting service for an additional $10 a month. The web analytics package that comes with it is phenomenal! You can see where EVERY click comes through.
The pages you make can be optimized by you, and even monetized with AdSense or whatever publisher program you use. I even have one with BetterTextAds on it.

Have a look: (on my server)

I hope any of you that are serious about your products or programs will give it a shot!

You need a real domain name as well-GoDaddy has the best administration for domain names on line-at least I think they are.

PPC campaigns are a great way to get traffic to your new sites, but also can be extremely expensive. You can send traffic your self through writing articles, press releases, purchasing traffic, classified ad posts, and others. So do your businesses a favor and TARGET your audiences for better results. Targeted niche sites will become more important as Google changes it's algorithm yet again to give higher rankings to micro-sub niches... and can help you do JUST THAT!

Another GREAT addition to help you cater to your niche is Build a Niche Store . The scripts allow you to be an e-Bay affiliate for any number of things, pick one that matches the niche you market now. Make More MONEY!!! CreatSalesPages to your Niche Store and Primary business, a combination you just CANNOT beat!!!

For any of you that don't post in forums, well, you SHOULD!!! At Conquer Your Niche Forum there are a lot of helpful people involved so you can learn and you earn advertising credits for your own sites. My friend and excellent marketer, Russell Brunson developed it and it's a great way to motivate people to get involved. AND forums are one of the BEST ways to generate back links for your sites. (Want help with keeping up with your forum posts??-visit me, I have the answer!)

If any of you would like a copy of "Think Niche and Grow Rich" send me an email ( Think Niche in the subject) and I'll send you one free. (But you might have to accept a subscription to my Guruette Gazette Newsletter!!)

Have a GREAT day and God Bless YOU!
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Success Consultant

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