Saturday, September 09, 2006

New and EXCITING projects!!

The release of the PREDATOR...Automated Wealth System has been incredible!! I have long been a fan of Al Tournquist's training, it helps you in jobs, life in general and in business. The evolution of Mentors on a Mission to this fully automated marketing system really puts the ball in my court! I am ecstatic!! Watch the movie, check out the site-it's INCREDIBLE!!!!

Review the web site here!!

It still includes all of that fabulous training and MORE!!

I am also working on my new Guru-ette on the Net website and will be releasing it shortly!! It is a fun project, and yes, will be "home made" which is probably a mistake as professionally done web sites make for better viewing, but this gives me total CONTROL over content and ads.

Another new entry on the web, Search Big Daddy, is making waves. You can sign up for FREE-and I encourage you to do so. It's popularity is growing, the ALEXA ratings are going up, up, up. It makes it an excellent place to be seen and get experience with Pay-Per-Click advertising without the big price tag!! You get your own Search Portal, FREE Keyword TOP POSITION, and $50 for your PPC campaigns. You can search on your own portal to get more PPC dollars, refer others for more PPC dollars, and upgrade for some INCREDIBLE benefits!! But at the VERY LEAST get your FREE ACCOUNT NOW!!!

Great things are happening at iPowerDirect also!! We have secured the ability to provide a FREE PRO AUTORESPONDER for our members without any price increase!! That makes us the MOST COMPLETE Marketing Package on line!! Our provider is also offering GREAT SPECIALS to our members, like upgrades at excellent one time only payments! A great autoresponder for a low one time payment-no monthly fees-that is AWESOME!! Let us SAVE YOU MONEY on your marketing needs-we provide incredible resources, training, LEADS and now an AUTORESPONDER all for one low monthly subscription. Bring 5 of your friends to take advantage of our package and you get ALL OF YOUR MARKETING TOOLS for FREE! How INCREDIBLE is that???

Some new things will be happening at Christian Auto Surf and Surfing Pros too!! Join me there, I am one of the owners and watch-they both offer GREAT promotion for your sites. We have also just launched "Your Daily Messages" a GREAT safelist submitter to further increase TRAFFIC to your sites , so be sure to get in on that one!!

Until next time-God bless YOU!
Your Guru-ette on the Net,
Success Consultant

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