Saturday, February 09, 2008

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges provide an excellent low cost means of showing your web site to others. Yes, they are showing theirs to you, to other marketers, but let's face it. Marketers are buyers also, and multiple streams of income require multiple products or programs. You can even make an excellent income just from Traffic Exchanges!

If you own your own website they also help you with traffic rankings on Alexa which in a round about way helps you with your page ranking. Manual exchanges provide traffic and viewers, auto surfs provide the same, but sometimes without the viewers. People can just run an auto surf without needing to look at the sites, but that still provides a valuable service to those wanting to improve rankings, more so than the manual exchanges because the VOLUME of traffic provided is much greater.

In my previous post, I commented on Starting Over..Again and a couple of traffic exchanges sort of doing that too.

The first one, ASDCashGenerator really did something not many companies online have ever survived. They started out as Ad Surf Daily, a pay to surf site that was delivering some great returns!! The software however wasn't calculating the returns properly, it was over compensating the advertisers and they closed the site for rebuilding. That usually is a sure sign of DEATH online. They remained closed for quite a while, and came back as ASDCashGenerator. A lot of the original members are back and involved pretty heavily. They are launching a Spanish site which has stimulated incredible backing and interest and provided some excellent returns for ASD members. It is a manual exchange and requires surfing daily to get a return (rebate) on your own ad packages.

The owner and President, Andy Bowdoin, started with offline promotions so many of the sites you visit aren't the standard Internet -MLM-what's the hottest thing going. It is refreshing to see new sites. In order to get rebates on your own ad packages, you are required to view 24 sites a day so at 15 seconds each it doesn't require a lot of work or time. The payback is your original purchase price and 25%. Better than most things going. If you were previously a member you still have an account and your original investment in ad packages, so you better get back into it. If you haven't tried it, it's a great way to generate a good advertising budget and promote your own web site at the same time. You can even add to your income by inviting others to join and do the same.You can even join for free just like any other traffic exchange and earn viewings for your own site by surfing. I encourage you to give it a try-it has beaten the odds as an online program, now isn't our turn to do the same?

More on Traffic Exchanges next time! I am sharing my own secrets on Safelist Marketing and trying to help a friend. So let's help each other and make 2008 a GREAT year for your business.
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Have a GREAT day, and God bless you!
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