Saturday, February 16, 2008

Traffic Exchanges Part 2

In my previous Traffic Exchange post I told you the difference between Auto and manual surf traffic. Let’s face it, traffic exchanges offer the BEST FREE ADVERTISING on the planet! So if you aren’t using them for at least 20 minutes a day you are missing out. On what? Traffic for yourself, keeping in touch with what is happening on the Web in online business, and finding some great communities.

I also mentioned starting over. That’s the case for Christian Auto Surf, too. I have been a partner in that program since it first began and helped launch it. I have however resigned, and am only a member there now.

It’s tough to be a partner with people online. They disappear, come back, do things you have NO CONTROL over. (Who needs control anyway?? God is the only one in REAL control here.) We have been shut down by PayPal, shut down by web hosts, you name it. We are now part of the VS-10 network, and the quality of our traffic has truly multiplied exponentially!! Your sites are shown on other exchanges in the network, too so you get some great benefits without having to join anyone else.

However, yes, we are starting over again for about the 4th time in two years. If you were ever a member, please re-sign up! We have always been blessed in starting over, we just get new members with no effort at all! It’s a good thing too, because our member data base keeps getting erased.

We offer manual AND auto surfing. We rotate inspirational sites and general online business sites, and the traffic delivery is outstanding. If you have your own domain and want to help your ALEXA traffic rankings, we are for you. If you prefer manual exchanges, we are for you. Don’t miss out. Join me today for some of the BEST traffic online-Christian Auto Surf.

Not starting over but just starting out is 2EZ2BuildTraffic, a new exchange trying to get started. I am partnering with Steve Pershall, an online friend to get this started. He runs a dynomite autoresponder and hosting service ( is already there!). It’s goal is to be a one stop shop for traffic generation. Join now to see the coming developments-we have some GREAT plans!

A little off topic, but still TRAFFIC generation-I have published my own “plan” for safelist marketing. Give it a try and add to your traffic and leads. Guruette On The Net It’s an economical marketing plan, you could have it all set up this weekend and be ready to rock ‘n roll with a good campaign on Monday. (Did you know Monday and Tuesday were the highest spending days on the Web of every week?? (from a Marketing Sherpa report) So take advantage!)
I also have an online business survey-only takes a couple of minutes - how about checking it out?

Have a GREAT day, and God bless you!
Success Consultant

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