Friday, February 15, 2008

Ever feel SABOTAGED??

Have you ever put time or money into a great promotion for a site, only to find that while your promo runs the site is down? about putting a great product online, and your payment processor gets shut down.
Sometimes it seems like the ANGELS OF THE INTERNET are on vacation when it comes to your own marketing and promoting efforts. I recently published my own Safelist Marketing Plan, only to be contacted that my PayPal was shut down. Here's a word of warning...DollarBlaster is a NO NO.
In my usual fashion, I joined something to help a friend. I know you've seen it, Dollar Blaster pages run on traffic exchanges and all over the place. They offer some marketing tools (I figured it was a no lose proposition) but PayPal shut my account down because it generates an affiliate page link with YOUR paypal address. I don't market it, the owners of the website are invisible-no responses to email and no means of contact. The program is a total RIP OFF, a cheap one, but the penalties are horrendous! Paypal won't even let you terminate your account until it is no longer associated with that site. What a pain!!! The urls look like: (not meant to be a real link, just to give you the info.

Whatever you do AVOID it like the PLAGUE!!!! It seems like the harsh world of Internet Marketing always kicks you when you're down. Well-perseverence wins-so hang in there!

Have a GREAT day and God BLESS YOU!
Success Consultant

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