Saturday, June 14, 2008

Updates and News

First, I would like to offer you an update on Spider Web Marketing, as I am really still enjoying it. Since deciding to take it for a spin, I have 50+ great leads, they have added 10 additional revenue streams to the 12 they started with, and it seems to market itself which is a real help because 99% of my marketing is done for clients. One of their new revenue streams will truly be a BLESSING to online businesses and individuals. It is being brought online by Self Bank Financial who is giving away $100,000, advertising budget from HEAVEN..Right?? You can garner $100 of it for yourself by registering for a free account. You can give your friends and family $100 to join with you AND you get a matching $100 to go with it. It is still in Beta and should launch in the fall.

If you are interested in more info the WEBINAR can be heard here:
but keep in mind, this all still in BETA and being made available through the SpiderWebSystem which you can join with me for free. I truly believe this will help a lot of people.

Old school Internet Marketing combined with Social Marketing can really generate traffic and leads for your service or opportunity. Old school is primarily Traffic Exchanges and Safelists. They are still very effective ahd thousands, no hundreds of thousands of online marketers participate and if you aren't among them you are losing out on many potential leads. I utilize these for myself and my clients. I have also been a major participant as an owner and partner at Christian Auto Surf, which unfortunately I have now resigned from, as I have no ability to respond to members needing help and my (ex) partner disappears regularly, so the service is non-existent. This has happened three times-so -three strikes and I am OUT! However I will be joining Steve Pershall, a long time online associate to launch 2EZ2BuildTraffic, a new manual surf exchange. We will be bringing more marketing tools on as part of a "2EZ2" product line that will hopefully make it "2EZ2" be online with your business! I hope you will give us a try when we are ready to go!

My eGuide is reduced and can help you generate a TON of traffic as well as some new revenue streams if you choose to try it and give it away to your current contacts. Give it a try-it DOES work and you may be surprised at the results. It has worked successfullly for me for over 13 years!

That's it for now-Have a GREAT week and God Bless YOU!
Success Consultant

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