Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blogging, Article Marketing on STEROIDS

I provide professional marketing services and when I find a tool or info that will help others online improve their success rates, I hop on board.

I share what I know to help others.You can view some of the new tools for marketing on my website, Guruette On The Net.

I am working with an incredible group of people to get started on TEACHING online marketers some of my tricks. It will put your Blogging or article marketing on STEROIDS, and you won't even have to do anything but post like you do now. I am talking about Quikonnex (name derived from Quick Connects).

The tools they develop are truly GENIUS and can do so much for any marketer. The benefits seem to just happen without too much effort on your part. Your Blog or Articles will be presented in RSS and syndicated without any effort from you at all. You get the benefit without having to know anything about it! I will be teaching some applications to majorly increase the RSS benefit with a "secret ingredient" and hope you will subscribe to my channel for upcoming news.

Another incredible benefit is desktop to desktop 2 WAY communication. Remember DeskTopLightening?? You could send messaes to your downline and only received messages from your control on your part. The Deskview system (comes with the Quikonnex package) provides for two way desktop to desktop communication, and even saves your messages like an inbox. It offers a virus free environment, not only for communications but browsing the web as well. People reading your Blog or Article can not only leave comments, but communicate with you directly.

I will be writing for my channel with help for anyone that is SERIOUS about marketing. I will also be promoting the NEW Worshiper, an incredible Branded Desktop Application developed by Quikonnex . The Worshiper came out a little over a year ago, and because of some personal issues I was unable to do it justice. That won't happen again, because I LOVE Christian rock, and I want to send it around the world! We will even have streaming radio from my favorite station!! When you see how it works you will see how it can be utilized to build a team, offer training and motivation-you name it. It will be a great way to see the capabilities of a BDA (branded desktop application) for your own business. It offers a closed system for your team to use for TRAINING, communication-the possibilities are endless. When it is ready I'll be back to tell you about it.

I look forward to helping others online improve their businesses, I hope you'll come along!! You can get started by subscribing to my channel through the Quikonnex link and keep an eye out for what is coming. It's free to subscribe and will let you start learning a few great things on your own!
Have an awesome day, God Bless YOU!
Marianne McEachern
Success Consultant
Guruette On The Net
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