Saturday, August 30, 2008

How I Became the Guruette On The Net

Ever wonder why people choose the names, domains, etc that they do? Well.. here's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

I started "working" on the Internet in the early 90's. I truly watched Internet business and marketing develop. I watched the rise of all of the Gurus online, who so cleverly get you to build their list and sell their products while making you think you are building your own list and making some money being their affiliates. You know them-kind of the "Brat Pack" of online business and marketing-relatively young, great looking, smart and enthusiastic, etc.

My first money came from an affiliate travel program with "Hotel-Discounts.Com" and I'm not sure they are even still in existence as that same company any longer, but I made $650 in one month using their banner and I thought I was really onto something.

I have always known the Internet would be a vital part of business, any business. Television and Radio..ADVERTISING would be a big part of the Internet too. Not just for online businesses but offline as well. After all isn't Advertising responsible for the Superbowl?? For the evening news, for every show you watch? Anyway-this is getting out of my story-so back to it.

I quietly worked programs, met others online through my efforts doing the same. I began to wonder who the REAL gurus were..the "Brat Pack" or those of us quietly developing what online network marketing is now. We were learning the best traffic methods, trying out things-you know, learning by trial and error. When I decided to put my own site up a few years ago I decided to be a Guru too-in an irreverent way. Guruette seemed OK-does it mean small when you add "ette" to a word, or female?? I didn't care, but there weren't many (and still aren't) female members of the "Brat Pack" so I figured why not me?? I had the scars and knowledge to back it up, even if no one knew I existed. So basically as a personal jab or maybe even triumph, I made myself the Guruette On The Net.

Has it helped me? Well, I enjoy my fact I love it. Do many people do a search for guruette? No, not really, but hey I am still number one on that And now I offer services to help people get good organic placements in the search engines for the keywords of their choice. I know a lot about how to generate traffic. I love the Internet, I love business and I love the combination.

That's my story and I am stickin' to it!
Have a great Labor Day weekend, God bless you!
Success Consultant

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