Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Great Article From My Partner-Outsourcing to Internet Marketing Experts!

There are hundreds of income opportunities available today, as a simple search will demonstrate. If you Google the term: income opportunity, you will get 3,190,000 returns. That's not the actual number of opportunities, but it is a lot of information about income opportunities.

Most of the information available is focused on how successful John Q. has become, as a result of joining this or that income opportunity. They talk about what they have, what they get to do, but not many tell you what they did to get there. Sure, they tell you that there was no work involved, but is that really true? (What...? They just signed up, paid the fee, and money just started flowing in like magic?)

Wake Up! Building a business, any kind of business, even a lemonade stand, requires effort. Even little children know that.

First the stand itself needs to be set up, next the lemonade must be made, and finally, they must advertise! They make a sign, and talk to everyone who walks by, inviting them to buy a refreshing drink, for a fair price. Their eagerness being so sincere and apparent, people just can't stop themselves from buying a drink. They [kids] know they need to do some work to achieve their goal, and they get after it! Kids know how to do business.

So then, why do adults have such a hard time wrapping their brains around the concept? There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of otherwise intelligent adults, out there looking for free money.

To run any business, you have to do some work. Sure, you've got a great web site, but it won't do you any good, if you don't put it in front of others' eyeballs. You have to get people to the web site, effectively, efficiently, and repeatedly.

Most would-be entrepreneurs are too exhausted at the end of the day, or never seem to have an end of the day; don't know how to, or don't want to make the effort to do what is needed to get people to their web sites to generate interest and sales.

I don't care what kind of spectacular follow-up software, or systems you have in place, if you don't get eyeballs to your web site, none of that matters. Auto dialing systems... People hate them. How can they generate anything but irritation, if people hate them? Invariably, you will have to speak to someone, present your opportunity and hopefully have some paperwork to do.

Something to consider, in solving this problem is to hire your marketing out. Hire someone to do all of the marketing tasks you don't know how to do, have time, or inclination for, for you. That's what big business does. They hire an advertising agency to market their business. They hire market analysts to study trends and make recommendations. They hire out! And, that is why they ARE BIG Business.

If you don't know what you're doing, you should delegate it to someone who does. You hire an expert when it comes to taxes, legal matters, home or auto repairs, and buying property, don't you?

Find an Internet marketing expert and get the job done. Hire a writer to write for you. You've got the business opportunity, make it your own, not just some replicated sales page. Make it unique. Offer something that no one else is offering.

Investing in your business is the only way you'll ever see a return. Whether you invest time, money or both, you must invest something in your business to realize any progress. Stop thinking about hands-off riches, and start thinking like a business owner.

Some thing for nothing... It's a lie. How much do you want to give someone for nothing in return? Every time I see the word FREE, I want to puke! In business, you have to pay to play. If you want to sit at the grown-up's table, you have to earn it.

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