Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Isn't Under Cover Profits Cheating?

I have been in online marketing for well over 10 years now. I have always gone with maybe the Not-So-Popular programs, maybe even the not so popular marketing methods, but I have always been honest, and tried to help others and have done so with much Success. The tactics on line today are becoming totally cut-throat. Take for example UnderCoverProfits.

The original name was "Profit Thief", now that has been changed to

"UnderCover Profits". Places are capped at 300, and it's effectively a low-risk job-killer.

The software does some very clever stuff in a pretty nasty way. The elevator pitch is this:

You enter a list of keywords into the program, and it finds any affiliate's ads that are running for an extended period of time.

I hope that has just hit you like a *hammer* to the face.


Now you see why it WAS named "Profit Thief". My Day Job Killer and

Affiliate Project X buyers should already see the raw power of that statement.

If not , here's the logic, and you should really listen closely ...

ANY ad that is running on Adwords for a week or more is VERY likely

to be profitable. It could be a $50/week earner, or a $500 a week

find. Either way, you want to take a campaign that has been running

for a while, and "steal it". Copy the ad, the product, and kick the

affiliate out of the game. It's vicious, it's Adwords the Project

X / Day Job Killer way. Nasty. Actually fairly easy to do-with

Under Cover Profits.

If you think the price is high, that's because it is. "Too powerfulto under price", John said. And remember, you can cancel at anytime. You won't want to, but just so you have that piece of mind. Ihave already told you it's got job-killing potential ($100 per dayis easy with UCP)..Affiliates, Adwords users, all of you: it's time to take action...

What do you think of this?


Is this the ULTIMATE cut throat approach? I am sure you WILL make money

following it but how will you feel about yourself?

Let me hear it from you! When you make money with this approach-how do you feel about it?

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