Friday, December 16, 2005

Your Search is OVER!!!-NOT

I you are looking for that one GREAT program that you can join, do nothing and get RICH-Your search is over!!!! There isn't one. The doublers that made the rounds mad a few people at the top some money, but payouts are few and far between for everyone else.

Randomizers are making the rounds again, they do at least offer you advertising an or a few good downloads so you aren't totally ripped off. When they first came on the scene a few years ago I tried quite a few-never made a dime! Maybe if you had one, concentrated on it only-got MASSIVE traffic for it you would do ok-however new sign up seem to be short lived.

If you haven't done well with your Internet businesses, maybe EDUCATION is the key. Internet Marketing is a JOB, a PROFESSION if you will. You need to know the many facets of marketing on line, know which ones you are good at and work hard.

There are many different vehicles on line for obtaining the training you need, each as valuable as the other for purposes of furthering your on line success. iPowerDirect offers 50 modules of training and resources in their Free Marketing Suite. It's a bit overwhelming to a newbie, a treasure troff to an experienced marketer. You can take one at a time, read the training, try the resources and move to the next one.

Mentors on a Mission offers some very specific marketing techniques, that REALLY work if you follow the course. They work well for some, and others prefer a more anonymous form of marketing. The tie in with the Veretekk Marketing System has brought some relief to those in the program that need assistance in lead development. Veretekk offers another facet of training and is a great marketing system for any program or product. If you try it with a free account you can see the power involved, but to truly utilize it for your own programs the POWER is in the paid membership.

I would be happy to help anyone online that really want to be successful. Do you know your Niche? After all these years on line, I believe I have found mine, and my EDUCATION on line is about to payoff! I'll keep you posted.

Have an awesome day, God Bless YOU!!
Marianne McEachern
Success Consultant

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